An adventure around the world and back!

It’s taken me awhile to feel settled enough to sit down and write. Over the last 2 months, I’ve had the final adventure of 2018, which has been a full year of unexpected journeys. My life motto, “Adventure Awaits Us

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Salone Bobo gets down to business

Let me just preface this by saying I began writing in July and got halfway through…and it has been 2 months until I have been able to finish this blog! A lot of chaos ensued, keeping us on our toes

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Mi na tap na Salone

Wow – things have been a little intensely busy here but can finally say I am getting back to a routine. Due for a much overdue update as usual…since February this time! Yikes. I am happy to report that March

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Come Popo Me

Of course it’s been awhile again, and lots of news to share. I’ve been thinking about writing for weeks, but as they say in Salone ‘Naw easy’ – I find I keep passing out after work! First off, Suzie had

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Times they be a changin’

So here we are, the dawn of a new era. A new year, 2017, a new American president (shudder), and lots of changes here on the ground. I keep promising I’ll get better at this but time keeps escaping me

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Lives at Stake

Blogging has taken a back seat recently. As time goes on my schedule seems to get busier and busier rather than the reverse. There were a several ‘bloggable moments’ in the last few weeks which we shall get to below!

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Paradise Unearthed

I can’t lie, I’ve been to a lot of beautiful places. But there’s one here that gets added to the short list that I can describe in no other words except paradise. I keep thinking how fortunate I am to

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It’s Adventuretime!

From staring in the eyes of an escaped adult male chimp, to dancing the night away in a bar with fire breathers and human pretzels I’d say the week has been quite eventful. I’m also in the process of learning 3

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