Rain rain go away

Well, first things first – made it to the beach! There is a curse that my day off is always the day it is pouring rain. In the many weeks I’ve been here, only yesterday (as far as my days

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Sofie de come an de go

It’s Sunday, two days before Sofie’s departure, and a little baby arrives at our doorstep. While it wasn’t brought by a stork, a kind American woman with a big heart saw her for sale in the streets downtown. Although it

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Celebrate Good Times, c’mon!

A special entry day for a special occasion! This week I write to you on Monday, as it was my birthday weekend and we were partying soooooo much….not…haha. But we did get to celebrate good times! Saturday night we had

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Adulting. Comes with a whole host of new experiences, life changes, and growing pains. Today is a big day for my family, as my brother is moving to Amsterdam. It’s also my late grandfather’s birthday; bringing with it lots of

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I Want to Make me Wet

So it’s the end of week 2 here in Tacugama and that means lots of new experiences to share. Quick update for all those dying to know – it is still as moist as ever before, with the odd ray

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Week One: The Week of Moist

Survival of the moistest. Or maybe of the driest. But moistest is just a funny word. And everyone hates the word moist. But it’s been a week here at Tacugama and boy have I never felt this moist. LOL by

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Reflections on a New Chapter

So here we are. I’m sitting in the Africa terminal of the Brussels airport waiting for the final leg of my journey to Freetown. This trip has been 4 months in the making and it’s hard to believe the day

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On the auspicious day of my 25th birthday, I wanted to reflect on everything I am grateful for in life. This summer has provided me with so many opportunities and the chance to meet some incredible people who have changed my

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The Law of Life

“It is the Law of Life. Followed everywhere in the seas, on the shores, in the forests, in the ponds, on the plains, in the deserts.Followed by everything that moves in the community of life great and small, naked and armored, scaled

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