An adventure around the world and back!

It’s taken me awhile to feel settled enough to sit down and write. Over the last 2 months, I’ve had the final adventure of 2018, which has been a full year of unexpected journeys. My life motto, “Adventure Awaits Us All” rang true more than ever this past year, and just keeps going as 2019 […]

Salone Bobo gets down to business

Let me just preface this by saying I began writing in July and got halfway through…and it has been 2 months until I have been able to finish this blog! A lot of chaos ensued, keeping us on our toes every day. I am back in Canada now, and will write again soon about my […]

Mi na tap na Salone

Wow – things have been a little intensely busy here but can finally say I am getting back to a routine. Due for a much overdue update as usual…since February this time! Yikes. I am happy to report that March (peak season for our unexplained chimp mortality issue here) and April were uneventful. The weather […]

Come Popo Me

Of course it’s been awhile again, and lots of news to share. I’ve been thinking about writing for weeks, but as they say in Salone ‘Naw easy’ – I find I keep passing out after work! First off, Suzie had her baby, and it’s a healthy 1 month old now! Her name is Sonia, though […]

Times they be a changin’

So here we are, the dawn of a new era. A new year, 2017, a new American president (shudder), and lots of changes here on the ground. I keep promising I’ll get better at this but time keeps escaping me and I’m not going to make any more promises. Since I last wrote, Le arrived, […]

Lives at Stake

Blogging has taken a back seat recently. As time goes on my schedule seems to get busier and busier rather than the reverse. There were a several ‘bloggable moments’ in the last few weeks which we shall get to below! Samson, one of the young boys newly introduced to the forest! It has been a […]

Baby Bomba! Bombaby…wait a minute…

Long overdue for an update – I know, I know! It’s been a super busy few weeks here full of late nights at the office, yes even in slow-paced Africa. I must admit though, it was the long walks on the beach preventing me from writing a blog… Baby Joko doing some ab exercises! Big […]

Paradise Unearthed

I can’t lie, I’ve been to a lot of beautiful places. But there’s one here that gets added to the short list that I can describe in no other words except paradise. I keep thinking how fortunate I am to be working amongst apes in Africa, something I’ve dreamed of for years, and a short […]

It’s Adventuretime!

From staring in the eyes of an escaped adult male chimp, to dancing the night away in a bar with fire breathers and human pretzels I’d say the week has been quite eventful. I’m also in the process of learning 3 languages, which, if you’ve ever tried to do at the same time is a trainwreck. […]

Rain rain go away

Well, first things first – made it to the beach! There is a curse that my day off is always the day it is pouring rain. In the many weeks I’ve been here, only yesterday (as far as my days off go) was half sunny! Even in Canada it was always a freak snowstorm when […]