Sofie de come an de go

It’s Sunday, two days before Sofie’s departure, and a little baby arrives at our doorstep. While it wasn’t brought by a stork, a kind American woman with a big heart saw her for sale in the streets downtown. Although it is illegal to own great apes in most if not all of their range countries, […]

Celebrate Good Times, c’mon!

A special entry day for a special occasion! This week I write to you on Monday, as it was my birthday weekend and we were partying soooooo much….not…haha. But we did get to celebrate good times! Saturday night we had a fun-filled evening as the Tacugama crew descended from the mountain to the Freetown beach […]


Adulting. Comes with a whole host of new experiences, life changes, and growing pains. Today is a big day for my family, as my brother is moving to Amsterdam. It’s also my late grandfather’s birthday; bringing with it lots of beautiful memories. It’s been a weird year. After making a decision to move to Africa, […]

I Want to Make me Wet

So it’s the end of week 2 here in Tacugama and that means lots of new experiences to share. Quick update for all those dying to know – it is still as moist as ever before, with the odd ray of sunshine here and there – but thank you for all your dry thoughts sent […]

Week One: The Week of Moist

Survival of the moistest. Or maybe of the driest. But moistest is just a funny word. And everyone hates the word moist. But it’s been a week here at Tacugama and boy have I never felt this moist. LOL by now I think you are begging me to stop using the word moist. Maybe you […]

Reflections on a New Chapter

So here we are. I’m sitting in the Africa terminal of the Brussels airport waiting for the final leg of my journey to Freetown. This trip has been 4 months in the making and it’s hard to believe the day has actually arrived. After saying many goodbyes in the last 2 months (and some over […]